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Niki Klein Speech

Niki Klein specializes in the evaluation and treatment of pediatric communication difficulties, including:

  • Articulation/Phonological Disorders

  • Apraxia of Speech

  • Language Delays and Disorders

  • Fluency Disorders (Stuttering)

  • Hearing Loss/Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation

  • Pragmatic/Social Language Disorders

  • Feeding and Swallowing Disorders

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Comprehensive speech-language evaluations are conducted when your child has not yet been diagnosed or treated with a communication difficulty.  Evaluations consist of a combination of parent interviews, informal observation, and standardized testing. A full written report will then be provided detailing observations, whether therapy is warranted at this time, as well as treatment plans and strategies for caregivers to use to promote further speech-language development.


Speech-language therapy sessions enhance your child’s communication skills using various evidence based strategies and programs. All sessions are planned around your child’s individual communication goals and interests. Collaboration with caregivers, teachers, and other therapists is key to your child’s success; all therapy sessions are accompanied with parent coaching programs. Sessions may vary in length from 30 to 60 minutes and can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your child’s age and current needs.



Although insurance is not accepted, itemized invoices which include ICD-10 and CPT codes are provided to families to submit to their insurance providers for out-of network reimbursement.