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what families say

My daughter worked with Niki for over two years and Niki was instrumental in improving her speech development and articulation. Niki truly went above and beyond to get to know my daughter and understand her speech issues. Each session was a variety of activities and games tailored to my daughter's interest so that she had fun while practicing her target sounds and words. Niki is a caring and patient teacher and her passion for speech therapy is really evident in her work ethic. Besides our weekly sessions she would make us multiple worksheets to practice at home each week and she was always available to talk me through any questions I had. We are so happy my daughter has conquered her speech issues but sad to not see Niki each week! - Parent of 4 year old

Niki helped us turn my daughter's eating habits around.  We are so happy with the progress that she made during the time that Niki worked with us. Niki was kind, compassionate and very proactive in guiding us through the feeding challenges we were facing. I would highly recommend Niki to anyone who wants a hands on specialist who is great with kids. She is patient and flexible and always there if you need help or support. We feel lucky to have met Niki. - Parent of 1 year old

Niki is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. She is confident and extremely knowledgeable about speech and language development. She connected instantly with my son, gave a thorough evaluation and recommended a reasonable plan of action. She also gave strategies for me and my husband to incorporate daily and before we knew it our son caught up to where he needed to be developmentally. 


She is extremely flexible and easy to work with. She gave comfort to my concerns and was clear about the diagnosis, treatment and any potential future issues I should look out for. - Parent of 2 year old

My son was born with hearing loss, so we wanted to find an SLP with specific hearing loss experience who could come to our home (easier said than done!). We are very lucky to have found Niki, who has had a huge impact on my son's language development. She is always cheerful, engaged, (and timely!) and has a wide variety of tricks up her sleeve. She has even learned several new tricks with us as we have recently started working with a speech generating device. Niki quickly got up to speed and was able to guide us seamlessly through the trial, procurement, and ongoing learning process.She is a true joy to work with. - Parent of 3 year old

From the moment I spoke to Niki on the phone I knew she was a knowledgeable professional. She made me feel very comfortable trusting her with my daughter’s speech therapy. She provides therapy sessions within the home, allowing for a very convenient and familiar learning environment. 

She identified articulation and expressive language issues with my daughter after only one session and was very inclusive in how to approach my daughter’s therapy. She made sure my husband and I played an active part in the sessions so that we could continue to work with her on our own. 

She is a warm, kind, professional, and knowledgeable speech pathologist that I can recommended with the highest regard. My daughter adored her and found the sessions to be engaging and tailored toward her specific interests, making them something she looked forward to every week. She would even ask to play with Niki each morning. It was such a pleasure to work with her! - Parent of 2 year old

Niki got my daughter up to her speech level in a matter of months. She was fantastic. My daughter looked forward to “speech class” because Niki always brought games, stickers, and toys. She made it fun to practice speech. Niki came to my apartment for the classes which took all the work out of it for me. With multiple kids, this was huge. Niki made speech therapy easy and fun. She is great at what she does and I feel lucky I found her. Niki was professional but also a friend to my daughter. I got progress notes along the way and when my daughter “graduated” Niki brought her a gift and had a party for her. If I ever need speech therapy again for any of my kids, Niki will be my first call. - Parent of 5 year old 

Thanks to Niki our daughter made a tremendous amount of progress in a brief period of time. More than just improving her speech, Niki inspired her and supplied her with the skillset to be more diligent and self aware of her speech. She is now able to be mindful of her lessons and adjust her speech beyond the environment of her weekly sessions. - Parent of 7 year old

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